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Texts and a booklet for Moscow centre of legal protection

May 07. 2015 | Автор: admin

We have finished the project for Moscow center of legal protection. The law firm asked us to develop clear and transparent texts as well as a brief presentation for multiple use.

We start each service description for the site with a quest introduction using the same pattern, so that readers could identify their ‘painful’ topic. Then we give them the ‘remedy’ – what the company does to help their clients. It makes it sound less formal. The cases were narrated like a book story, idioms and literary figures of speech were used.

We also created a compact booklet, 6 pages, which is good to keep it handy for a sales or partner manager to have successful negotiations.

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Буклет для юридической компании (обложка).

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Буклет для юридической компании (разворот).

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