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Newsletter for the Russian school uniform manufacturer Vasilisa

May 19. 2015 | Автор: admin

We have made a newsletter pattern to advertise the Russian manufacturer who makes elegant and comfortable school uniform – ‘Vasilisa’. The company has been on the market for over 20 years. Each year they offer a new fashionable collection for pupils at any age.

The text structure is aimed at involving the reader into the dialog straightaway. The main target audience are teachers, directors, parents who in fact put the same questions, for example, if that uniform is comfortable, is non-allergic, is liked by children; which fabrics are used, what the main terms and conditions are, etc.

We gave answers to all these questions and used a colloquial speech style.

Design is a classical combination of blue and white. The balance between colors makes each word look appropriate.

We do enjoy reading the newsletter from the beginning up to the end. We wouldn’t burn it as spam and you?

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