“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz


Text for the Rosbank booklet

Task The booklet is an easy-to-pick-up handout in Moscow and regional offices. We were commited to formal writing style developed by the financial group which has existed for more than 150 years and, at the same time, we had to insert everyday expressions commonly used by young businessmen. Moreover, advertising intonation should be kept in […]

Website for a holiday house renting company

The owners of a cottage block at Lake Seliger asked us to make a new website with a new function: it should filter visitors and bring the ‘ideal’ clients who would make a call. Tatiana was absolutely exhausted in their last season after they had picked the ‘wrong’ orders and told us that launching a new website was a real emergency.

Site content for Moscow centre of legal protection

The law firm asked us to develop clear and transparent easy reading texts. The client wanted us to avoid ‘officialISMS’ and make the reader come to a conclusion: it is here where they will find their problem shooter. After we had completed the content job we were asked to prepare a booklet — a brief corporate presentation for multiple use.

Presentations for Vins, window repair and restoration company

(Рус) Компания “Винс” столкнулась с трудной для себя проблемой – наладить и закрепить сотрудничество с партнерами и клиентами. Заказчик попросил нашу команду подготовить для них презентации, которые должны были не только наглядно представить выгодные условия партнерства и оказания услуг, но и давать представление о том, что аудитория имеет дело с настоящими профессионалами.

Site for Kids hair salons Prichyoskin (‘Little hairdoes’)

The owner of kids hair salons Natalya asked us to develop a bright site for a small business. Prichуoskin is a chain of hairsalons where kids can listen to stories, play, watch cartoons and have some sweets while their hair is cut by professional hairdressers.

Online advertising campaign for one of the oldest Moscow tango clubs

Alexander Vistgof, the head of two Moscow tango clubs, asked us to start a little advertising campaign to promote them. Planetango and La Milonga are those among the first specialized Argentinian tango schools in Moscow. Clubs hold international festivals Planetango and Milongero Nights, organize concerts, championships, master classes with famous Argentinian maestros every year.

Landing page ‘Learning Mathematics at Home’

Alexandra Kozinzeva, Russian mathematician, asked us to improve site of her program ‘Learning Mathematics at Home” because there was a low number of customers and non-efficient advertising campaigns. Eventually we all came to the conclusion that the best way was to develop a new structure of the page and to change the design completely.

Content for Beelinsky company

Beelinsky is a unique Bashkirian wholesales honey supplier. They asked us to prepare texts in English for their site. The task was not only to highlight advantages of Russian natural honey but also to mention corporate values, formulate mission and position it properly for overseas partners.

The site-blog development for a famous Russian dental surgeon Mkhitar Kazarian

Mkhitar Kazarian asked us to find a way how to make a convenient online communication with his patients and colleagues. We decided to develop a site-blog. Apart from a blog itself we made such sections as About, Interview, Operations, Questions, References. Each page has a feedback form. In Questions, References and Blog you can leave comments.

Landing page development for the EcoCartridge Company

Landing page for our client that is not quite typical. It’s the Russian company focused on recycling laser printer cartridges. It’s the first company in Russia which has made its manufacturing really ‘green’.