“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Our partners

We truly believe that partnership is more beneficial than rivalry. So we don’t have competitors.

We want to say big thank you to our partners. They help us to do what Serebro Lab wouldn’t implement on their own.

If you also need help, come to us, we’ll be glad to take part in your project.

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túatú social media & pr

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Let your presentations and business proposals speak instead of you!


Hospitable and client oriented webstudio Delmar. You’ll find a complex service package from the brand concept development to the total online business support and get our care about its growth if needed.

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Our projects

Serebro Lab uses their brain and hands to solve tasks in marketing and advertising. You may call us keen followers of sustainable growth, people with enhanced sense of beauty and those who do love their job.