“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

About us

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You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

Intellectual laboratory got the name from its founder’s nickname.This precious metal best embodies our approach to business and lifestyle.

Why ‘intellectual laboratory’ and what we do

We stick to the concept of sustainable growth and think that everything we produce should make sense — practical or aesthetical.

In other words, we are perfectionists and tend to make each thing we do express Beautiful Clarity. To learn more see our projects.

Our advantages

Experience and professionalism

We ‘lease’ our brains to solve tasks in marketing and advertising. As jewellers carefully work with precious metal (silver = serebro), we create texts, presentations, sites, video, promotion concepts or a corporate style.

Reasonable price 

We are global citizens with no more luggage. We take a fat free business model. We deliberately abandoned extra costs that increase our prices.

Living on the edge of time

Our main work tools are brain, a laptop, a mobile phone and a notepad. So if you make a call, you may get the answer not from Moscow but Mediterranean coast, Buenos Aires, Dublin or even Machu Pikchu.

We chose a mobile lifestyle and worked out the rules which allow us to control our time and carry out higher level of responsibility. Besides, one of our team reps is always in Moscow, ready to go to a meeting and discuss all you want in person.

Creative process is under control

All our actions are made to meet the client’s expectations. We understand how valuable and important for you it is to meet deadlines.

I hope someday you’ll join us

We are honest and open to each other, towards our clients and partners and build up friendly relationship with everybody.

All the business news can be found under silver lining

If you want to become our client or partner call us or fill a contact form. We will surely answer your message.

And the world will be as one

Our team

Ekaterina Alferyeva

Simply Kat, master of digital promotion

Expert in digital, fast flying as SU-27, splendid communicator and highly qualified SMM specialist. Is charge of online advertising campaign, chose marketing as hobby even before entering The Russian Academy of Economy by G.V. Plechanov. 15 year experience. Has successfully done BTL, ATL, TTL, Digital campaigns. For the last five years has focused professionalism on image making online tools and internet marketing. speaks English and German.

Lidya Dranik

Serebro Lab most experienced marketer, master of visual communications

Changed cold Omsk to sunny Istanbul and proved by her own example that you can live wherever you want and work for famous Russian brands on a serious professional level. Has 10 year experience in marketing. Creates fantastic and eye catching presentations. Speaks English and Turkish.


Olga Oleynikova

Photographer and master of refined style

Copywriter with her personal style, a photographer and a pianist with enhanced sense of beauty. Does translations from English fiction into Russian, writes texts, does studio and guest photography, creates visual images of sites by making a special selection of high quality pics.

Nata Vygovskaya

Boss deputy, Editor-In-Charge, talented diplomat and amateur of Beautiful Clarity

Got a PhD at Lomonosov Moscow State University, gives lectures on Russian literature in her free time, is responsible for communication with the clients, text preparation, PR and business localization.

Oxana Zheleznova

Serebro (In English = silver), severe Boss, or Holmes

Degree with hounors in marketing (Russian and French universities). Founded Serebro Lab as a result of getting disappointed with traditional career growth and office lifestyle. It turned out amazingly well. Works out development strategies and marketing concepts, establishes partnerships, runs projects, does consulting and solves any challenging task.

Our projects

Our services