“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Video ‘New Year wishes Calendar 2014’ from the Magellan Group travel agency


The Russian travel agency Magellan Group asked us to prepare original video trigger which would be run on the screens installed at parking lots, reception and lounge areas in one of the most prestigious blocks of apartments Miramax. After watching the video they could have dropped in the agency to get to know them better. We had to invent the concept, make the film and shoot it at the end of 2013.


Our team decided that the concept should be based on the idea of congratulation calendar 2014. We planned to show exotic resorts with recommendations where tourists may go each month of the coming year. While we were preparing the text it was found that it would be a good idea to create 12 wishes and link them with the culture image of ‘the month’ country. And thus we found ourselves getting down to Wishes Calendar 2014 from Magellan Group.

Our creative team included a copywriter, a designer, the film maker Gleb Klishevich who made a superb video background. Each slide was about a certain country and was accompanied with the video which made it ‘alive’. We wanted the viewer to feel the atmosphere of the place and to understand why it was worth coming there. The soundtrack was romantic because it was made at the most magic, touching everybody Christmas time. The film ended on a slide with the corporate pic which our team also made. We were really satisfied with the results and wish a lot of new clients came to Magellan Group after watching the video.

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