“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Texts for Les Art Resort HOTEL


To create texts for describing the original concept of the countryside hotel Les Art Resort which was being built while we were preparing the site content.


Disregarding the fact that realities of how the finished hotel should look like which were imagined by minds of the work group didn’t sometimes coincide and couldn’t but avoid clashing, our team were fond of the idea — to offer guests all inclusive tour with an interesting programme for kids, wide range of spa procedures, free Wi Fi, good breakfast, barbecue stations and various open air entertainment activities in 70 kms away from Moscow, Minskoye motorway.

We’ve decided to abandon flowery definitions and develop the style which would be associated with noble moderateness of the new brand and deliver the idea of the hotel services without superlative degrees, positively and friendly.

Not all of our suggestions were approved as well as not all the texts we’d written remained in their original form. Nevertheless, we managed to find the compromise and derived a formula: ‘Have a rest at the level of true Art’ which exactly reflected the concept of the hotel.

Site: www.lesresort.ru

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