“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Landing page development for the EcoCartridge Company


Our client is not typical. It’s the Russian company focused on recycling laser printer cartridges. It’s the first company in Russia which has made its manufacturing really ‘green’. We were responsible for developing a landing page for contextual advertising.


The most difficult thing was to formulate the company positioning. On the one hand it helps their clients to reduce office expenses, on the other hand they do care about environment by reusing empty cartridges. It was of primary importance for the client to make a clear difference between them and competitors because the company refers to real producer’s business, not cartridge reloading or restoring, selling Chinese alternatives. So there was given a table comparing eco-, original, reloaded and Chinese (compatible) cartridges to show obvious advantages of the product.

Due to a well thought structure of rendering the content we managed to join two ideas: selling the product and service with well seen profits for the customer and the one marked by environmental awareness which may be spotted by customers also because of bright blue and green color effects.

We put the key advantages in the middle of the page in a blue ‘band’: immediate exchange of the old cartridge for the new one, free delivery around Moscow, fixed price, postpayment, their own manufacturing, safety and eco-friendliness. The user can also choose the suitable cartridge for the printer, call the courier, order a call back (the manager calls you back in 26 sec). The last button ‘Solve the printing problem once and for all’ enhances the call for action.

The page turned out to be bright and dynamic because of animated advertising blocks simultaneously opening by listing the page from top to bottom. It’s not the first time when we collaborate with EcoCartridge, we also made a content for their corporate site and developed e-mailing promotions.

Our team hopes that due to EcoCartridge Russian offices will become ‘eco-friendlier’. Serebro Lab wishes guys much success!

Company site: экокартридж.рф

Landing page Экокартридж (мобильная версия)

Экокартридж Lading Page

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