“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Texts for architecture and construction company Stroytech


Architecture and construction company Stroytech specialises in projecting and building commercial property. They asked us to prepare a teхt set for their new site. We had to describe customer policy, services, projects, the company history in a simple, laconic way. The purpose was to find the right stylistic approach to deliver the message in order to make it easily read and comprehended by both specialists and not professionals in the area of architecture and construction.


In spite of some difficulties in conveying special terms used in construction and architectural projecting we have created a number of unique texts stylistically homogenous which can be all characterised as motivating readers to take part in the dialogue and continue it. The site design has also contributed to this because it looks like a well cast shape and dictates the form which was easy to express verbally.

Site: www.stroy-t.com

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