“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Texts for the Energyresource Company


Energyresource company applies advanced, eco friendly LED systems to set them at different objects: from parking lots and greenhouses to stadiums and industrial complexes. We were required to make descriptions of products, services, projects, solutions and also the company mission in such a way that on the one hand it would be efficiently SEO promoted, on the other hand — texts should be original and readable.


It is our first client whose business is socially oriented, ecologically marked and directed at certain social needs, for example, utilization of old mercuric lamps. Apart from pure commercial goals Energyresource supports the concept of sustainable growth and shares international concern about mindless dissipation of nature resources. We agreed to take part in the project to popularize the idea of LED systems which allows to save energy and finally reduce costs. Expressive site design helped to find the right writing ‘intonation’ and we had finished the text set before the agreed deadline.

Site: www.energoresurss.ru

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