“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Texts for consulting company Temis Ovia


The Temis Ovia Consulting Company provides legal person with all kinds of services concerning legal, financial aspects of corporate activities, including help with accounting outsourcing service, auditing, consulting in tax disputes and arbitrage, tax optimization. Our task was to develop a new pattern of the business language which could be understood with no effort by the majority of readers and at the same time had formal features.


We have invented the structure in which each service description is precessed by an aphorism. The aphorism sets the right tune for the reader who gets ready to read the whole article on a friendly note and doesn’t anticipate to come across a bulky, tangled text with lots of uknown words. We’ve decided to get rid of lists of detailed legal explanations, kept only key words allowing the recipient to gain general understanding and have introduced the clear logical line which must lead to the final thought in reader’s mind: I’ll find the solution to my problem here’.

Site: http://www.temis-audit.ru/

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