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Textual and visual content for the Intellect House Company


The Intellect House Company asked us to prepare texts and their visual support for the new site. Being the market leader the client wanted the site to maintain the key positions in search engines and served as an efficient sales tool. The content was bound to give the customer a clear idea of all possible options of smart home technologies, the staff high professionalism and acquire a fresh interest towards the service.


To find understanding between authors and SEO-specialists is not normally an easy task to do. The former think that keywords spoil the text beauty, the latter suppose that aesthetics may be neglected taking into account thousands of users coming to the site every day.

However, we managed to find a good compromise with one of the biggest Russian SEO companies – Ingate. Keywords insertion was virtually imperceptible for the reader. There were written about 50 articles. Due to series of interviews with the client we were able to learn more about features of various engineering systems, put the right marketing stress on services descriptions with respect to the target audience — VIP class that look for individual/personalised smart home solutions.

While preparing articles we came to the idea of key points visualisation. The task was to tear that thick text body with illustrations in accordance with the corporate style. To not make the page longer we decided to create icons and graphs instead of photos. What was particularly challenging was visualisation of some system options, for example: Control 24 hours, Powerconsumption cutting, 100% Protection.

Our designer successfully completed the task. Unusual graphic elements remind of streamlined tablet&smartphone icons and repeat the main visual theme of home page.

We wish the company prosperity and new interesting projects!

Site: www.intelecthouse.ru

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