“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Site content for Moscow centre of legal protection


The law firm asked us to develop clear and transparent easy reading texts. The client wanted us to avoid ‘officialISMS’ and make the reader come to a conclusion: it is here where they will find their problem shooter.

After we had completed the content job we were asked to prepare a booklet — a brief corporate presentation for multiple use.


We had a profound interview with the client, made up the structure to describe their services, suggested changing the menu section ‘Articles’ into ‘Practice’ where we put real stories and not names. The cases were narrated like a story from a good book with an involving plot.

To make a wide open ‘window’ for the client to talk to the lawyer we start each description with a quest introduction – we ask them to identify their painful topic and after that give them the remedy – what the company does to help their clients. It made it sound less formal.

We managed to create a compact booklet, 6 pages. It means to serve as an invitation for cooperation. The cover takes three pages and has one background photo showing a successful business meeting. The most eye catching section — the middle part — is about corporate advantages.

We are happy about the results of our job and wish the ccompany success and new interesting challenges.

Site: www.moscowcentresud.ru


Портфолио Serebro Lab. Буклет для юридической компании (обложка).

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Буклет для юридической компании (разворот).

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