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Content for Beelinsky company


Beelinsky is a unique Bashkirian wholesales honey supplier. They asked us to prepare texts in English for their site. The task was not only to highlight advantages of Russian natural honey but also to mention corporate values, formulate mission and position it properly for overseas partners.


At first we had a big interview and learnt a lot about the industry. Then we made a text plan and approved it. Home page was focused on advantages of the product and service. To serve the purpose we introduced four semantic blocks: about background, taste, quality control and approach. Then there was created a slogan and given more information about the region provided with the map.

The page About has more details about values, mission, goals. One of the key goals is to become a major exporter of premium quality honey and the one who would make an efficient system of interaction between producers and consumers. The idea was stylistically marked in the text.

We enjoyed the project a lot because Russian honey is a true reason to be proud of. We wish guys success and would like them to become the biggest supplier of the best honey in the world.

Site: beelinsky.com

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