“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

E-shop for the furniture vendor


The furniture company Mebel 007 asked us to develop an e-shop where it’s easy to find moderately priced suites of furniture, items for appartments, dachas, hotels.


The site development also included logo, texts and banners. The author of the logo expressed the idea of every day life which people have in a block of flats by creating three squares with simple furniture items which embody windows. The same square shapes are used in showing numbers 007. Due to the bright logo it was easy to find the way to visualise furnishing a room, an apartment and the whole house. There are no long lists of items to sell. The catalogue isometric icons are displayed like a tablet menu and look like Lego meccano. That makes it more pleasant and easier for the user to make a choice.

We would like the site to cause positive emotions, playful mood, wish to consider more items and make an order. So color composition is pastel, ‘restrained’ and short texts don’t distract visitors from watching pictures.

The client and our team are satisfied with the result of our work. May the new shop be a true success!

Site: mebel-007.ru


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