“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Site for Kids hair salons Prichyoskin (‘Little hairdoes’)


The owner of kids hair salons Natalya asked us to develop a bright site for a small business. Prichуoskin is a chain of hairsalons where kids can listen to stories, play, watch cartoons and have some sweets while their hair is cut by professional hairdressers. We were inspired with the project and got down to work with real pleasure.


Before Natalya came to us she had already hired a team that unfortunately wasn’t able to manage the task. To correct their mistakes would have been much harder than to start from scratch. So we decided to suggest new mockups, design, more functionality for customers to get a clearer idea of the special services of her business at a glance.

Homepage provides the most detailed information about salons: hairstyle pics, interiors, the owner’s quotes about the approach, motivation, team and testimonials. The footer has an instagram-band, a map and a contact form.

We designed the pricelist in the same style as the homepage looking like a kid’s diary. We understand that parents might have questions about hairstyles for children and prepared the FAQ section which we put right in the centre of the menu. Others sections as News, Promotions, Master-classes are made to make an impression that a hairsalon is not only the place for haircutting but also a game room, a crafts centre and a relaxation zone for parents too.

Our designer used bright colors which express atmosphere of salons, we used graphics which resembled toys, bubbles and kids painting books.

Our client and the team much liked the result of our work. We wish the project would be a success and we hope that the site will attract more little customers and their parents to try the service.

Site: pricheskin.ru

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