“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

The site for the product line of Business Control Systems Devpark


To create a site which will function as an online presentation of the programme products Business Control Systems so that any user could understand easily and promptly the complex mechanism of services control for each type of business and sort out the most suitable solution.


At first there were created text descriptions of all the products and programme modules and illustrated their work, later selected interface screenshots, then we drew the logical site scheme. Only after it had been done did we develop the design.

We were able to achieve the right perception of the complex product at the expense of the visual and text style due to which the user wouldn’t be overloaded with difficult information for digestion and would find the key answers to any question, from each product functional to its implementation.

We want to thank our client for the unusual task because it was the first time we have assessed advantages of complex automatization of minor and major enterprises in service sector including net business. These solutions implementation allows to control cash flow and prevent its misuse by endpoint managers.

Site: контроль-бизнеса.рф

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