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Henry John Heinz

Development of the site of the Russian furniture plant ‘Megaelaton’


Moscow furniture manufacturer ‘Megaelaton’ asked our team to develop a representative site. The company production is delivered to major networks, retail outlets in Moscow and other Russian cities.

So the task was not that simple because we had to show the whole range of the plant products to potential clients. Taking into account modern communication technologies the site must be well seen on all screens of laptops, tablets, smartphones and notebooks.


When we were developing marketing logics we took into account that difficulty and immediately placed the catalogue in the centre of the site similar to the operation systems of smartphones and tablets. Each product category is illustrated by the icon with the caption. When following the mouse pointer which stops on the drawing or using the sensor screen the background color changes from white into black.  After making a click the user goes to the photogallery of the chosen type of furniture.

The site cap has all the menu of the catalogue in a compact way, so it’s enough to click on the item name and the user comes to the chosen category. The site is designed to make the viewer notice goods immediately. At the bottom you may find the photogallery of the most popular models on all the pages.

In spite of the fact that all the articles were optimised with keywords, we managed to make well read descriptions of furniture, delivery terms and advantages of the company. The client and the team are satisfied with the result: the site is given in a clear and convincing way.

We would like to wish the plant big success and the increasing number of loyal clients and partners.

The corporate site: megaelaton.ru

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