“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Website for a holiday house renting company


The owners of a cottage block at Lake Seliger asked us to make a new website with a new function: it should filter visitors and bring the ‘ideal’ clients who would make a call. Tatiana was absolutely exhausted in their last season after they had picked the ‘wrong’ orders and told us that launching a new website was a real emergency.


We were aware that price filtering was not the option and it needed a deeper view on what the target audience really was like.

So we interviewed the client and then puzzled up the portrait which showed us middle-aged couples, families and all those people who generally prefer silence, nature and meditative relaxation. The content language was related to that of fiction novels of the XIX century and bound to be liked by our type of audience and alienate the party animal type.

We made a web design which is very nice for long contemplation with all the landscapes, added pictures of cottages, vegetation elements in graphics.

Programming took less than two weeks.

As a result in 10 day time the number of phone calls increased by three times according to Tatiana’s words and the portrait of their client was almost identical with what we’ve made.

Website: domseliger.ru

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Сайт "Селигерской заводи".

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Сайт "Селигерской заводи".

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