“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

The site-blog development for a famous Russian dental surgeon Mkhitar Kazarian


A famous russian dental surgeon Mkhitar Kazarian asked us to find a way how to make a convenient online communication with his patients and collegues.


We decided to develop a site-blog. Apart from a blog itself we made such sections as About, Interview, Operations, Questions, References. Each page has a feedback form. In Questions, References and Blog you can leave comments.

We started design from creating the personal professional style. Mkhitar suggested us an idea of a tooth-tree. A tooth has strong roots as well as a tree. And we implemented it at first in logotype and then in site visualization. The main color is green and there is a leitmotif of leaves which embodies the idea of health and nature. We took the interview revealing the doctor’s approach and background and made operation descriptions similar to everyday stories.

We did enjoy our project and the result as well as the client. We are happy to see that the site fulfils its main task: it’s a good presentation for collegues and an ‘open’ interactive channel for patients who can see that talking to a dentist may be enjoyable.

Site: doctorkazarian.ru



Портфолио Serebro Lab. Мобильная версия личного сайта Мхитара Размиковича Казаряна.

Портфолио Serebro Lab. Главная страница личного сайта Мхитара Размиковича Казаряна.

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