“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Corporate style and site development for the Gorodskoy Courier Company


Moscow delivery service asked us to upgrade their corporate style and make a new site.


We started our work from making an attractive image of the courier who quickly and with high sense of responsibility delivers valuable docs, letters, gifts and parcels. Also we had to take into account high tempo of life in a megacity where this kind of service is extremely popular, so the logo has two parts: a flying man and a symbol of the city. The figure of the courier flying over the city embodies the idea of lightness and high speed of delivery. He is ready to help at any time and plays the role as important as a special agent or a superman who saves the world.

    Having finished the logo we started prototypes for the site. We were asked to place information in a well structured form for corporate clients and individuals. So there are two eye catching blocks on the site for companies and persons and the user may order delivery service without extra ‘clicks’. We also remembered that services should relate to the category ‘urgent’ and the reader wasn’t ready to scan through a lot of pages. They need clear navigation due to which it’s easy to find information about terms&conditions and make an order. The site turned out to be easy for comprehension.

    When prototypes had been finished, the designer got inspired with the logo and created an ‘airy’ style. The cap was decorated with the blu sky and snowy clouds. Blue colours dominate. There were not so many graphic elements, the background was pure white to enhance the lightness effect. To save wholeness of the perception we reduced the number of long descriptions and made them simple and brief.

    The client and our team feel happy about the results. We think that logo and the site perfectly correspond to the corporate image and express its individual features. You can trust this company and delegate them urgent delivery of important docs and gifts. Everything will come on time.

    Find the site here.


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