“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Prototypes and texts for the Smart Lines logistics company

One logistics company asked us to write unsual texts about transportation. When we started working we found out that there was the problem how to place that content on the site. Our team suggested changing marketing logics. General director agreed to try that approach and we created a new navigation form implemented in page prototypes which would express individual company advantages and simplified the search algorithm for the user. Each service was marked by an icon made in corporate style and the big size click buttons allowed to get easily to the page from touch screens and tablets.

The prototypes were approved from the first than the text structure was developed. We decided to make an original presentation style. Smart Lines managers are fond of yachting, skiing, snowboarding, races and other kinds of sport so we invented a so called sport ‘frame’. We used the metaphora, i.e. compared each type of transportation with one of sport activities. Logistics is linked with the idea of motion, speed as well as almost any kind of sport. Thus the number of bright and memorable comparisons made the due effect: the reader gradually understands that they deal with the young, energetic and strong team. It can struggle for victory honestly and get the results by hard work. As a result the reader comes to the thought that they may trust Smar Llines and it’s worth it delegating them logistics operations.

The website of Smart Lines company: smartlines.eu.

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