“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Online advertising campaign for one of the oldest Moscow tango clubs


Alexander Vistgof, the head of two Moscow tango clubs, asked us to start a little advertising campaign to promote them. Planetango and La Milonga are among the first specialized Argentinian tango schools in Moscow. Clubs hold international festivals Planetango and Milonguero Nights, organize concerts, championships, master classes with famous Argentinian maestros every year.


We chose simple online tools to attract new students such as social networks, contextual and banner advertising. During June 2014 we conducted a posting campaign in target groups in the Russian social network V_kontakte/VK. We advertised a discount summer subscription for tango classes. It turned out to be a success in spite of low season when most people go on holiday. The campaign included: banners, selection of target groups, negotiations with moderators and publications.

Then we developed two advertising compaigns in Google Adwords (May 2014), Yandex.Direct (September 2014). After we launched the campaigns the clubs popularity grew considerably. Then we added Advertising Yandex network and banner advertising in Google Adwords and more new students joined the schools.

It was a real teamwork. Alexander made a very good offer for his target audience. The subscription was really cheap and made it very easy for beginners to start dancing tango early September, the time which is considered to be the most ‘learning’ time of the year for adults.

The campaigns were also successful because there was developed a new site with general information about two clubs, all the events, pics and videos. After it was launched we managed to increase CTR by 14-20%, and the number of students doubled.

We wish Alexander much success and we are totally sure that tango will remain an activity which will beat other ways to have a good time. A happy couple would love to go dancing in the evening especially if they can learn new tricks from an Argentinian maestro.

Site: tangocenter.ru

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