“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Presentation for the company ‘Dacha resquers’


The Dacha Rescuers Company is a friendly team of Russian engineers who help cottage owners to solve various home routine problems from tap breakdown to malfunctioning boiler room. Recently the team has developed a distant monitoring controller which seems a good substitution for a cottage stuff during long absences.

We were asked to make a presentation about the company.


The task was double signed. On the one hand it was a must to show intelligent workers who should win trust of their clients – which was partly implemented through the corporate logotype image of a friendly man in a cap with the wrench ready for help at all times – on the other hand it had to tell the reader about the controller — the invention, its highlights.

Also it was a challenge to develop a special language for texts and design which would combine features of tea time communication between good friends and a business meeting.

Our designer decided to make two types of slides. Every ‘office style’ slide changes into the ‘informal’ one which illustrates a comics character. Business expressions mean the same thing as the character’s replies, thus the man on the slide looks as the interpreter of what has been said on the previous one marked by formal style messages. It turned out to be unusual and convincing.

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