“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Texts for describing product Penolon


To create a set of unique, understandable and attractive texts for the reader which refer to machinery, different aspects of application of cross-linked polyethylene under the trademark ‘Penolon’ taking into account the site SEO.


The content presupposed providing schematic and clear descriptions of production technology, brief history of the company, main areas of PEX application as one of the most price and quality suitable alternatives especially thermal and acoustic insulation.

To gain a deeper understanding about specifics of the production cycle we have interviewed the chief technologist and leading specialists of the company who gave us all information materials. During our multi-staged interaction we developed a style due to which all the texts became not only technically clear but also commercially ‘well packed’ meeting the main site target — get potential consumers interested.

Site: www.penolon.ru

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