“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Content for the site of the logistics company ‘Parcour Logistics’

The Parkour Logistics Company set the untipical task for us: write texts for the site which would have to express the key idea of parcour — known as extreme kind of sports — ‘There are no boundaries — only obstacles’ – and apply it to logistics. However, the texts which imply the philosophical idea had to be business like, show the team high competence and client oriented approach so that they made up one logical structure.

The other thing was to place text blocks on the site well balanced with their graphical image to build up result bringing communication with the user.

The company really enjoys developing efficient logistical systems. They have much experience in that area and all necessary professional qualities to solve complex tasks aimed at successful delivery of different freights. All the team stars were photographed by our picture expert. To make heads of the company closer to the reader we added personal commentaries to Team section.

Textual and visual content came out full, energetic, dynamic and personalised the team which successfully overcome all the barriers on their way.

Site: www.parkourlogistics.ru

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