“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Photoshoot and presentation for the DPM Company


The DPM architecture bureau asked us to prepare a presentation for foreign partners in English. Then it was found out that they also needed portrait and office photography. The presentation (e-format) should serve as a significant part of the corporate image. The company specialises in design of housing estates, business centres, universities, industrial objects, sport facilities and many others in Russia.


The company has its own corporate style and brandbook. Corporate colours are red and white. In the beginning there was a photoshoot, then the text in English and slide structure were approved, after that we took the next step and made the design. We have used an academic style for textual and visual content. In spite of the style moderateness in descriptions and figurative touch we managed to find such graphic elements which would be easily remembered and help viewers to perceive information without an effort.

It’s been a good example of team work: the photographer, writer, designer, editor and the project manager took part in the project and were happy with the results. The client was great for cooperation. The company came to us with the ready- to-implement concept and clearly explained their expectations.

Hopefully the presentation will make the right impression and contribute to strengthening long term business partnerships.

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