“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Materials for My Destination Moscow


Moscow division of My Destination tourism portal needed to find local residents who could tell expats and travellers about Moscow in fluent English enthusiastically and professionally putting a special stress on local features.


We liked the project immediately and are really glad to share the best recipes of how travellers can spend their time in Moscow with much fun, culturally and mentally satisfied. We enjoy creating easy, welcoming texts which may not be marked by guidebooks and brochures such as: Bulgakov museum, Planetarium, Gorky park, winter parks and many other spots each tourist should learn about and try themselves. We hope that due to efforts of this friendly team and our work, more and more visitors will come to Moscow and there will be great number of those who will surely return for new experiences.

Site: www.mydestination.com/moscow

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