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Henry John Heinz

Booklet, brochure and other printing materials for the Smileffect company


Smileffect® is a German company which has developed a pioneering technology: cosmetic dental bleaching being safe and innocuous, available now at beauty salons, shopping and fitness centres, barber’s etc., not only dentists’ clinics.

The client set the task for us to develop design layouts of printing materials for 2014-exhibition: ‘INTERCHARM professional Saint Petersburg’: a booklet for partners, a brochure for the end-consumers, business cards, gift certificates, a file, rollups, stickers and posters.


Dental bleaching — is a procedure which makes your smile dazzling. Thus presentation of such service must be easy, ‘airy’. So the designer made the background white and selected light version of Helvetica script.

The booklet and brochure have infoblocks, pictures which fulfil certain functions: strengthening the corporate image (the cover), identification with the reader (picture of a young couple in vacation), verification of the given facts (photo of the exhibition) and others. Then we were able to illustrate the key points of the franchising programme without the reader’s distraction from the target message by beautiful pictures. So, potential partners are easier to memorize the content and choose the most suitable franchising offer package.

We think that we managed to create easy-to-read, convincing and clear presentation of the new service on the Russian market. The presentation is able to cause interest of the main target audience, i.d. those who seek the way to make investments into well operating and profit bringing business.

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