“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”
Henry John Heinz

Localization of British company Quality Villas


Quality Villas asked Serebro Lab to localize their services of renting French villas in the Russian market. The first task was to translate texts from English into Russian, find partners to arrange sales chain, make up and implement online and offline promotion strategy for the company which has been working in the European market for more than 26 years.


Luxury French villas — are a very nice product to advertise. Each part taker of this project virtually feels personal touch of what it is to spare their holiday in a sophisticated house relaxing in a chaise longue with the seaview and a glass of excellent wine. The project was a success: this format turned out to be in high demand among Russian tourists who are tired of megacity stress and look for still and civilized life.

For starting a campaign we’ve decided to focus our attention on SEO and mass media coverage and also on distributing presentation materials to potential partners and clients in combination with promo actions. These steps were enough to arouse interest (constantly growing on) towards QualityVillas. Besides, our team got so inspired with the villa renting idea that came to the conclusion: villas is the best alternative to recharge our batteries and a really good team building location.

Site: www.qualityvillas.ru

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